As a parent we always want the best for our kids, I mean who will advocate for them if not us? At CGA we felt that our needs where met. We felt that the school advocated for our daughters well being not only in her studies but also for her happiness and overall success. CGA helped her find her voice and gave her the tools she needed to succeed academically and emotionally. We are so grateful to the staff for caring for her over the course of the 4 years she was at CGA. We are proud that our daughter is a CGA graduate of 2020.

– Mrs Sara Abikasis, CGA Parent

CGA is an excellent warm boutique school that takes an authentic & genuine interest in every individual student, working with dedication to fully empower & bring forward thier unique potential as a proud daughter of Chabad according to our Rebbes vision.

Mrs Kramer together with the school staff are fully dedicated to the academic & emotional wellbeing of the students and the continued growth of CGA as a world class girls school.

– Mr Sam Hickson, CGA Parent 

We are VERY happy with your school. EXTREMELY satisfied. And in every aspect. Boruch Hashem we found your school. An absolute GIFT for our daughter, Chana.

– Yosef & Rochel Perlow, CGA Parents

 This year has truly been the best year at CGA due to the phenomenal staff, especially the curriculum coordinator. The teachers received tremendous support throughout the year to be able to cater to the needs of each student at their own level. We have a new system to assess what the students learned and retained from the weekly lessons. My students would joyfully come to school each day since they felt safe, loved, understood and supported.

  – Mrs. Chana Landa, CGA Teacher

We will miss CGA! It was hard for me to say goodbye today, thank you for everything! Chana has really blossomed from the moment she entered your school. We have so much appreciation and admiration for you!

– Mrs. Feige Gorodetsky, CGA Parent



I have had the zechus to be an involved parent at CGA since its first year in 2012. Over the years I’ve witnessed the school’s growth. This past year has been the best one yet. Our new curriculum director is incredible. My daughter is flourishing socially and academically. I’m very grateful.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds.        I know it will be bright.

– Mrs. Sara Korn, Board Member and CGA Parent 

My daughter is currently a student at CGA. She has had the best experience. The classes are small so the students can concentrate and feel important. The teachers give extra attention to each girl.
The school have great elective classes with different options to satisfy every student. The principal is a sweet lady and always ready to help. The girls learnt how to love and care for each other in the school. My daughter really succeeded and did well in all of her subjects. I really recommend this school for your daughter if you really want her to grow in every area.

  – Mr. Naftaly Sirota, CGA Parent

Chabad girls academy has been such a gift to our daughter! A place where she can be herself while growing in her chassidishkeit and learning at the same time! Excellent staff who really care about each student, and programming that added so much excitement throughout the year!!

– Mrs. Devora Wilhelm, CGA Parent




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