Chabad Girls Academy (CGA) is a middle school with a Chassidic ideology.

At CGA, we believe in engaging our students on all levels.

We set a strong emphasis on creative learning that is interactive, hands-on and artistic.

Our Goal is to offer all Jewish girls an education and memories that will inspire them for a lifetime

Our mission is to empower learners and inspire leaders to make this a better world. I believe that our girls are the “Barzel” – (Bilhah, Rachel, Zilpah and Leah) – the “Iron” that will shape the destiny of our people. My job is to strengthen all the good that they already have. – Dr. Shimon Waronker, Principal


Since its conception in 2012 Chabad Girls Academy has grown in leaps and bounds.

Its humble beginnings started in a Chabad house in Manhattan, with just one student!

8 years later...

175 students
have walked through our doors!

Our goal is to nurture and love our students and give them a wholesome education. 

From a store front in Crown Heights to the NCFJE building where Rebbetzin Hecht A”H saw the value of the educational standards we were providing and extended our space, giving us the beautiful offices and classrooms we currently use.

We started with one student in 8th grade, and added a new grade every year until our 5th-8th grade classes were running at full capacity!


Graduating students have been able to fit right into the high schools of their choice, mainly Beis Rivkah,  B’nos Chomesh, and Sparks Academy.

It gives us tremendous nachas to see our alumni go on shlichus, and start homes on a Yiddishe, Chassidishe foundation.


Mission, Vision and values

Mission: To empower learners and inspire leaders to make this a better world.

Vision: We will build one of the largest, most professional schools for girls in Crown Heights. We aspire that our girls will have refined Middos, be on fire for Yiddishkeit and succeed academically to have an important impact in the world.

Values: Humility, Empathy, Courage.

Rabban Gamliel said whoever does not discuss 3 things on Pesach has not fulfilled the obligation of the Seder. The 3 things are Matzah, Marror and Korban Pesach. Matzah is the bread of humility. Marror represents empathy. Korban Pesach represents courage.

Meet the Faculty!

Mrs. Devorah Leah Kramer

Dr. Shimon Waronker

Mrs. Chavi Cohen

Financial Officer
Mrs. Shaina Gourarie

Mrs. Yocheved Newman LMSW

Ms. Chanie Gajer

Mrs. Mushky Gershon

Ms. Nessia Grifkin

Mrs. Leeor Elirone

Mrs. Tobie Vogel

Mrs. Yael Rosenberger

Director - Mrs. Devorah Kramer

I Started the school in 2014 with one student and have since grown CGA to over 100. I had a vision of creating a school with a big heart, where every student that walks through the doors will feel loved, respected and will want to learn and work hard.

We believe in creating leaders of tomorrow, today! We are preparing our young ladies for the real world, where healthy relationships, ahavas Hashem, yiras Hashem, good middos and Derech Eretz are our main focuses.

I have been passionate about and involved in chinuch since I was a little girl. I feel so blessed to work in such a special environment with incredibly talented, dedicated and hard working staff who give their all to ensure the growth of EVERY student.

Principal - Rabbi Shimon Waronker

Our mission is to empower learners and inspire leaders to make this a better world. I believe that our girls are the “Barzel” – (Bilhah, Rachel, Zilpah and Leah) – the “Iron” that will shape the destiny of our people. My job is to strengthen all the good that they already have.

I received a Masters degree and Doctorate from Harvard University, was knighted by the French government for outstanding work in education, and have led schools in the U.S. and internationally.

I am so happy to have the opportunity to help our community, here in Crown Heights. I see it as an honor to serve in the Shechuna of the Rebbe.  It is my hope that all of the experiences I’ve had in my life will help Chabad Girls Academy become a shining light of hope and help us come that much closer to bringing Moshiach now.

Financial Director - Mrs. Shaina Gouraire

I have been working in CGA since 2018.

I work in the school financial department and I manage all tuition, bills, and all of the school’s finances.

I really enjoy working in CGA where I see first-hand the amazing love, dedication, and devotion which every single staff member has to each student on a daily basis.

Mrs. Yocheved Newman

Mrs. Chana Gajer

I’ve joined the CGA family in 2019 and I’m looking forward to many more years.

For as long as I can remember I loved working with middle school aged kids.

I went to various camps, led many tween clubs and found my place at CGA. My students are well aware that beyond our classroom I’m there for them in any way.

Mrs. Mushky Gershon

I am privileged to be teaching at Chabad Girls Academy since 2018. I teach Chumash.

I love teaching and I love working with this age group! I have been teaching middle school for many years, first in Massachusetts, and then in Brooklyn. I was inspired by my own 6th grade teacher, who’s classes I really enjoyed, to want to teach middle school!

Ms. Nessia Griffin

I have had the great privilege of working for CGA in the past, and now I’ve returned as a teacher for all things English!

As a student myself, I had been given the opportunity to teach elementary school age students, and I’ve been in it since then. As a person who is passionate for language, I would like to inspire the same fascination of the written word in my students, just as educators in my life have done for me! Through crafting rich worlds on paper, students become passionate authors in their own lives, and every new experience an opportunity in which they decide how they want their own stories to be told.

Mrs. Yael Rosenberger

I have been a teacher in Chabad Girls Academy since our school began. I’ve had a passion for education since I was a young girl – leading Shabbos minyanim, being a counselor, teaching preschool and then moving to middle school.

I’ve always enjoyed bringing Yiddishkeit to life by creating visual and hands-on lessons to my students. I love the outdoors and being active and I enjoy cooking healthy meals and being creative.

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