About Chabad Girls Academy

CGA Mission Statement

Girls with Picture of the Rebbe

Chabad Girls Academy (CGA) is a middle school with a Chassidic ideology. At CGA, we believe in engaging our students on all levels. We set a strong emphasis on creative learning that is interactive, hands-on and artistic. We develop understanding through thinking skills and take a genuine interest in our students’ questions.

We coach our students in interpersonal growth, self-assessment and in learning to work harmoniously within the CGA team. We love each girl as a unique individual whom we have the good fortune to guide and nurture into independent learners, models of good character and empowered G-d-fearing Jews.

At CGA we educate girls in grades 5-8.


For academics, we follow the NY State curriculum, called “Next Generation”. We believe in filling their gaps in knowledge so they can build on a solid foundation. We also encourage thinking skills through a range of Thinking Routines. We adhere to the Constructionist philosophy of education, which supports collaborative, hands-on, project-based learning. The teacher is a guide in the process of student exploration of topics and skills.

Non-academic Pursuits

Musical lessons at school

We strongly believe in opportunities for girls to engage in activities to explore their non-academic talents as well. So we have yoga, aerobics, drama, various arts, music, public speaking, mivtzoim and many extra-curricular contests and activities to allow the girls to shine.

The class sizes remain small in order to allow for differentiated instruction to assist each student in attaining mastery. 

Discipline System

Teachers at Chabad Girls Academy

Our discipline system is based on the Principles of Education and Guidance, a work by the Frierdiker Rebbe, N”E. In practice, these principles direct us to coach each student according to her own strengths and weaknesses, giving her the guidance to blossom into her best. 

Social Goals

At CGA we want each of our students to have good character and pleasant ways. We coach the girls in their development of good friendship skills, focusing on conflict resolution skills. In order to master these life skills, they also learn self-assessment procedures so they can be realistic and accurate about needed self-improvement.

Developing good middos, becoming G-d – Fearing Jews

When girls are able to recognize their talents and responsibilities, it enables them to have a healthy, loving relationship with those around them and with HaShem.