Since its conception in 2012 Chabad Girls Academy has grown in leaps and bounds.

Its humble beginnings started in a Chabad house in Manhattan, with just one student!

9 years later...

175 students
have walked through our doors!


Our goal is to nurture and love our students and give them a wholesome education. 

From a store front in Crown Heights to the NCFJE building where Rebbetzin Hecht A”H saw the value of the educational standards we were providing and extended our space, giving us the beautiful offices and classrooms we currently use.

We started with one student in 8th grade, and added a new grade every year until our 5th-8th grade classes were running at full capacity!


Graduating students have been able to fit right into the high schools of their choice, mainly Beis Rivkah,  B’nos Chomesh, and Sparks Academy.

It gives us tremendous nachas to see our alumni go on shlichus, and start homes on a Yiddishe, Chassidishe foundation.

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