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Mrs Devorah Leah Angyalfi, Director

I am the founder and director of Chabad Girls Academy.

I started the school 7 years ago with one student and B”H we are growing beautifully. I had a vision of creating a school with a big heart, where every student that walks through our doors will feel loved, respected and will want to learn and work hard.

We believe in creating leaders of tomorrow, today! We are preparing our young ladies for the real world, where ahavas Hashem, yiras Hashem, good middos and Derech Eretz is our main focus.

I have always been passionate and involved in chinuch since I was a little girl. I feel so blessed to work in such a special environment with incredibly talented, dedicated and hard working staff that give their all to ensure the growth of EVERY student.

Mrs Gavriella Aber, Principal

I became the Principal of CGA when we moved to Crown Heights after 30 years on shlichus in chinuch in Sydney Australia. I am the mother of KA”H 9 and the grandmother to many, kein yirbu.

I love the warm climate at CGA and the harmony among the staff, working together to encourage and motivate the students. We all have fun days together at CGA – the students are eager to come to school where they are supported and have good friends. The teachers collaborate and love the students, working tirelessly to prepare interactive classes. Our Admin staff works so well together, so we all enjoy our work too! CGA is a happy place for all of us, B”H.

Mrs. Mushky Pinson, Office Reception

This is my first year working at CGA as the Administrative Assistant (Office Reception).

I am from Montreal and have experience working for various Shluchim & Mosdos. My days are busy with everything from answering the door, phone and emails, doing office work, organizing events and trips, being there for the girls when needed as well as being the point of contact for emergencies.

Each day is more exciting than the last one!

Mrs Shaina Gourarie, Financial Officer

I have been working in CGA for the past 1.5 years.

I work in the school financial department and I manage all tuition, bills, and all of the school’s finances.

I really enjoy working in CGA where I see first-hand the amazing love, dedication, and devotion every single staff member has to each student on a daily basis. 

Mrs Mimi Mark, Finance Administrator

I have been the Finance Administrator for CGA since 2016.

I am a veteran fundraising professional and have worked for many Jewish organizations.

I help CGA with fundraising, Board Development, budget management, and our scholarship program.


Ms Chana Esther Benarroch 

This is my first year teaching in CGA.

I am currently teaching Yahadus, Biur Tefillah and Drama at CGA. Before joining the CGA family, I taught song and drama in Tambourines Academy as well as my own drama class for high school girls.

I am thrilled to be a part of the team that instructs and educates the wonderful students at CGA.

Mrs Yaelle Blachman

What I love about CGA is that it is one big, happy family. Together we are really invested in the happiness and wellbeing of each of our students. I love to see their joyful faces when I walk into the building. They are so excited to know what we will be doing that day in art.

At CGA, exercising their creative talents is recognized as an important part of schooling. It is so rewarding to watch them learn to express themselves, to dare to explore unfamiliar territory and to discover what they can do! It is my pleasure to be a part of the CGA team.

Ms Goldie Blank

In addition to having worked in various schools and educational settings for over 10 years, this is my 3rd year teaching at Chabad Girls Academy.

This year I am teaching Jewish Studies to Grade 5 – Chumash, Chassidus, Yahadus, Novi and Biur Tefilla.

It is my hope to be able to instill Torah values and independent learning skills in each of my students. 

As a lifelong learner, I try to view every day as an opportunity for my students and for myself, to gain something new. 

Ms Chana Gajer

I’ve joined the CGA family for one year now and I’m looking forward to many more.

I teach the 6 and 7 grade Yahadus and Math. For as long as I can remember I loved working with middle school aged kids.

I went to various camps, led many tween clubs and found my place at CGA. My students are well aware that beyond our classroom I’m there for them in any way.

Mrs Mushky Gershon

I am privileged to be teaching at Chabad Girls Academy for my second year. I teach the 6th and 7th graders Chumash and Parsha.

I love teaching and I love working with this age group! I have been teaching middle school for many years, first in Massachusetts, and then in Brooklyn. I was inspired by my own 6th grade teacher, who’s classes I really enjoyed, to want to teach middle school! 

Ms Miriam Goodman

I am currently an eighth-grade math teacher at Chabad Girls Academy.

I am grateful to say that at CGA I had the opportunity to teach all secular subjects (math, English, social studies, and science) and all ages (4th through 8th). I have been at CGA since the second year that the school opened when there were only eight eighth-graders!

It has been such an incredible experience seeing it grow and prosper over the last few years. As a college graduate of the University of Pittsburgh in special education, it has truly been a pleasure working with a diverse range of learners. May the CGA  students continue to shine! 

Ms Mushka Hendel

I am a graduate of Michlelet Beit Rivka, Kfar Chabad, and I currently teach Chumash and Hebrew Literacy at CGA. I must say that at CGA, our staff is truly here for each and every student! We believe that each girl can succeed and bring Mosbiach now!

Ms Malka Herman

I have taught Language Arts at Chabad Girls Academy for two years.

I graduated with a teaching certification from Beis Chana Seminary in Tzfas and completed my teacher’s training at Beis Rivka Seminary in Crown Heights.

I really enjoy helping the students develop a lifelong love of reading and writing, and watching them blossom at CGA.

Ms Bryna Horvitz, Program Coordinator

I am the Program Coordinator at CGA.

Whether there is an upcoming Chassidishe Yom Tov, a monthly Shabbos Mevarchim gathering or a weekly lunch and learn, the goal is to infuse our students lives with a passion and drive for Yiddishkeit, Chassidishkeit, good Middos and Moshiach.

Each program and campaign caters to the girls abilities, talents, and strengths. I’ve created close relationships with the girls and together we have a great time.

After years of summer camp experience, running international Shabbatons, creating graphics for the Crown Heights community, and teaching various ages, working at Chabad Girls Academy is more than a job – it’s a shlichus!

Mrs Rifkey Isseroff

I have been teaching in Chabad Girls academy for a few months now and love it!

I teach Social Studies to grades 6 and 7. We do projects on each topic and I design the units to make the knowledge relevant.

I love being a part of the girls academic growth and love helping them find the tools to reach their ultimate potential. 

Mrs Chana Landa

I have been teaching at CGA for several years. This year I teach Parasha and Chassidus to the grade 8 girls.

I most enjoy the discussions we have in class as a result of meaningful questions that arise.

The students are really special and I am glad to be part of the CGA team.

Mrs Leah Melnicoff

This is my first year teaching at CGA. This opportunity to bring music into a local Jewish day school is a dream come true for me.

I am professional cellist, with a master’s degree in cello performance, and I believe musical literacy enlivens all learning. Teaching the girls about rhythm, how to read music, conducting, stories behind the niggunim they know, and about various instruments has been a wonderful experience of connecting many other parts of their education.

When we received our keyboards in the middle of the year, the excitement was contagious. A school that prioritizes music education is one that prioritizes the inherent joy of learning, and it has been a gift to me to be a teacher at CGA.

Ms Jessica Reznik

This is my first year working at CGA.

I teach Math, Social Studies and ELA for 5th grade and am the Math teacher for 7th grade.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. I was an assistant teacher for 2 years at a preschool in Washington Heights. 

Mrs Yael Rosenberger

I have been a teacher in Chabad Girls Academy since our school began. I’ve had a passion for education since I was a young girl – leading Shabbos minyanim, being a counselor, teaching preschool and then moving to middle school.

I’ve always enjoyed bringing Yiddishkeit to life by creating visual and hands-on lessons to my students. This year I teach Novi, Biur Tefilla and Chassidus. I love the outdoors and being active and I enjoy cooking healthy meals and being creative.

Mrs Esti Rosenblatt 

I have been teaching at CGA for 2 years. This year I am teaching Science and History to the 8th grade and Science to the 5th grade.

I spent 3 years at University of Arizona / Pima Community College studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and Biology. I taught preschool for many years as well as Hebrew school where I was also the Principal. I enjoy reading, art and baking.

Mrs Dalia Shusterman

Before teaching at CGA, I taught English, Current Events, Geography, and Math at Bais Chana High School in Los Angeles. I also wrote, designed and directed their school production.

Since moving to Crown Heights, I’ve started 2 musical bands by women for women and have worked as a graphic designer and freelance writer.

This year I joined the Chabad Girls Academy team, teaching teaching English, Art, Drama, Science and Social Studies. 

I received a B.A. from Suny Purchase as a Literature/Philosophy major with a concentration in Theater Studies and am currently working on my Masters in Counseling.

Mrs Malka Zajac

I joined the CGA team this year to teach a double lesson of Parasha and art combined for the grade 5 students. It was fun to design art classes around Parasha ideas.


Rabbi Leib Aber

I have been a teacher for over three decades, first while on shlichus in Sydney Australia for 30 years and now at several schools in Crown Heights. This year I teach Chumash, Chassidus and Biur Tefilla to grade 7 at CGA. The school cares about the students and supports them in learning as well as social growth. I enjoy being a part of it. 

Rabbi Y.Y. Greenberg

I teach a Halacha Shiur to the grade 8 class once a week. I find that the students are eager to learn and ask clever questions.

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